History Of Online Slots

To discover the history of Slot Machines and the beginnings of one of the most famous games in the world, you have to go back to 1887 when the first machine was invented by the American Charles Fey, a car mechanic from San Francisco.

The model he conceived was the classic one with three reels that we still know today while a few years later, precisely in 1891, a video poker model dates back that can be defined as the “ante litteram” online slot, This model was equipped with five reels on which the cards of the poker deck were depicted: the device was produced by the New York company Sittman and Pit.

With the advent of the Internet and electronic advances, the famous side lever present in the first devices became useless even if it remained present as an aesthetic accessory. Precisely by virtue of this lever, the slots were renamed “one arm bandit” (bandit with one arm).

Today the “terrestrial” slots, ie those that can be found in casinos and arcades, are rather complex devices, whose operation is regulated by software. The first Internet casinos to offer online slots games date back to the 1990s.

As is the case with many casino games, online slots also offer progressive jackpots. These potential sources of wealth work by linking hundreds of online Slot Machines together, so that a fraction of every bet placed by each player becomes part of a common pot.

Progressive Jackpots relate to online slots where the jackpot value increases a little each time a new game is played. Gaming machines are therefore linked to progressive jackpots. Many players therefore, playing on different machines, actually play for the same prize AND increase the amount of the prize each time they play.

Unlike what usually happens, when each online slot has its own jackpot defined in monetary value that can only be won by making the combination that pays the most, progressive jackpots accumulate money every time you play. They usually need a lot of credit to unlock, but they can win you much, much higher.

So with progressive jackpots, when you play online slots you have the advantage of playing for a higher than normal jackpot AND that the more people play, the higher the final prize. In any case, if online slots are your game, it is really worth playing a progressive jackpot at least a few times to understand what it is and if it is to your taste.

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