Online Video Poker – Its History

The history of this game was preceded by the traditional Draw Poker. Online Video Poker, like in best online casino Malaysia, was born, in fact, following the integration of this beloved game with the technology of online slots , giving life to what is today, certainly, one of the most considered and sought after games of chance practicable in land casinos. and online

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Video Poker went through a turning point in 1975 when Reno, a Nevada-based company, turned a video slot machine into a Draw Poker machine. The reactions of the players were incredibly favorable and the game immediately became a huge success.

Today, Video Poker luck runs faster than ever. This is due both to the characteristics of the game itself and to the fact that more and more online casinos offer players possibilities that until recently were unknown. Perhaps the best example of this is the advent of Free Video Poker available online, even for mobile devices, for all players who want to have fun without using money on the best gambling sites .

To start playing a game of Online Video Poker, both in the paid version and in the free mode, just click on the Deal / Draw button in the Slot and, immediately after, you will receive random cards from the machine, you can access using this link: After checking them, you can choose to increase the strength of your hand by holding some cards and discarding others. To hold the cards, just press the Hold button . Since the game must be played with 5 cards, if you decide to discard some, you will have to replace them with an equal number by selecting the unnecessary cards and clicking again on the Deal / Draw button. If your hand seems very interesting to you, you can choose to continue without changing any cards or, conversely, if the hand is really bad, you can also replace all the cards and play with a totally new combination. To win, you’ll have to hope to get and match a good set of cards to get the optimal combination, and there are plenty of them!

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Based on the combination that “rises”, if the hand is winning, the machine will pay based on how much money you have wagered at the beginning of the game and based on the type of point linked to your cards. When you decide to stop, push the button usually marked with Credit or Cash Out .

Often there is also the possibility of doubling – in case of a winning hand – in a second round called Double Playoff Round . But the double round is not mandatory: if you no longer want to play, just click on the Collect button to take your winnings. The Round Double Playoff spread option in several online casinos that offer the possibility of playing Video Poker, and it works like this:

  • To start your Double Playoff bet you have to click on the Double button ;
  • The system flips the cards face down and the machine selects one. In the Double Playoff Round you have to choose to bet whether the next card the machine will turn will be higher or lower than the original card;
  • If the card that is turned over by the machine is higher than the first, you win the bet and double your money. If it’s lower, you lose your money. If it is the same as the first, it means that the game is tied and no one loses or wins.

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